Spotlight: AK AG Treg Taylor

Professional Background:
Treg Taylor was appointed acting attorney general in January 2021 when former AG Sniffen resigned, and was confirmed by the Alaska Legislature in May 2021. Prior to his appointment, AG Taylor served as Deputy Attorney General for the Civil Division of the Alaska Department of Law. AG Taylor previously worked as a lawyer for Arctic Slope Regional Corporation and for McKinley Capital Management.

Since taking office, AG Taylor has served Alaskans by:

  • Fighting fraud and scams, and investigating unfair or deceptive business practices and filing legal actions to stop such practices;
  • Enforcing antitrust laws; and
  • Protecting consumers’ sensitive data by investigating identity theft and other data security incidents.

Education: AG Taylor earned both his B.S in political science and his J.D. from Brigham Young University.

Personal: AG Taylor and his wife, Jodi, have six children and live in Anchorage, Alaska.