Spotlight: AZ AG Kris Mayes

Professional background: Kris Mayes was elected as the 27th Arizona Attorney General in the 2022 general election after one of the state’s closest-ever contests. Prior to being elected, AG Mayes served as a professor of practice at Arizona State University’s School of Global Sustainability and taught a course on energy law at the school’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. In 2003 she was appointed to the Arizona Corporation Commission and served until term-limited in 2010. Early in her career, she served as director of communications for former Gov. Janet Napolitano and as a journalist with The Phoenix Gazette and The Arizona Republic.

Key priorities since becoming AG:

  • Fighting for reproductive rights for the women of Arizona.
  • Addressing the fentanyl crisis by advocating for proactive, evidence-based harm reduction strategies.
  • Preserving Arizona’s water supplies and combating water pollution according to her 16-point plan.

Education:  AG Mayes earned a Bachelor of Arts and a J.D. from Arizona State University and a Masters of Public Administration from Columbia University.

Personal: AG Mayes lives in Phoenix with her daughter Hattie.