Spotlight: Mississippi AG Lynn Fitch

Professional Background:
Fitch is the 40th Mississippi Attorney General. She is the first woman to hold the office and the first Republican in over 140 years. She was elected in 2019 and assumed office in January 2020.

In keeping with her campaign platform, she has been vigilant with child exploitation and domestic violence. In June 2020 she partnered with Uber and The Family Resource Center in Tupelo, MS to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

For eight years (2012 – 2020) Fitch served as the Mississippi State Treasurer. In this role she led the effort to reorganize MPACT (Mississippi Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Plan), one of Mississippi’s two 529 college savings programs, to make it more financially sound for savers and cost-neutral to taxpayers. She established the TEAM (Treasurer’s Education About Money) initiative. In just its first three years this public-private partnership brought financial education to more than 66,000 students in over 350 schools and trained 1,200 teachers in personal finance, all at no cost to the schools, the teachers, or the students.

She has a long track record of public service, having previously served as Executive Director of the Mississippi State Personnel Board, Deputy Executive Director at the Mississippi Department of Employment Security and Counsel for the Mississippi House of Representatives Ways and Means and Local and Private Legislation Committees.

She began her career practicing law as a Special Assistant Attorney General and was later in private practice as a bond lawyer.

Education: Fitch graduated from University of Mississippi in1982 where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration as well as her Juris Doctor in five years.

Personal: Fitch is a native of Marshall County, Mississippi, and grew up in Holly Springs, Mississippi. She currently lives in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Fitch has two daughters and one son, Mackenzie, Marye Will, and John Tucker.