Spotlight: Wyoming AG Bridget Hill

Areas of focus since taking office have included:

  1. Halting a ring of companies and individuals from sending direct mail solicitations that mimic invoices for payment or subscription renewal notices.
  2. Working with the FTC and 46 agencies from 38 states and the District of Columbia to stop a massive tele-funding operation that bombarded 67 million consumers with 1.3 billion unsolicited and deceptive charitable fundraising calls.
  3. Resolving a consumer protection and pyramid distributor law enforcement action against four entities resulting in over $750,000 in fees.

Professional background: Prior to her appointment as AG in 2019, Bridget Hill directed Wyoming’s Office of State Lands and Investments (OSLI), which is required by law to manage state trust lands to produce income to support public schools and other public institutions. Prior to rising to the directorship of OSLI, AG Hill was a staff attorney in the Wyoming Supreme Court, then served in the Wyoming AG’s Office for eight years, including as the attorney for OSLI.

Education: AG Hill earned her B.A. and her J.D. from the University of Wyoming.

Personal: AG Hill grew up on a ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming. She was inspired to pursue law by the fact that one of her aunts was a lawyer, and another was one of the first women to attend the University of Wyoming’s law school – the only woman in her class at the time.