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2016 Attorney General Election Results

This election year there were ten AG races, five of which were for open seats. All the AG races have been decided, although the precise final vote tallies are still being tabulated in some states.

All incumbents were reelected in this general election. Republicans picked up one new seat in Missouri, and retained the open seat in Indiana. Democrats picked up no new seats, but retained open seats in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.

Below are the election results from the 10 AG races and select other races from across the country. The tallies below are as of November 10, 2016 at 4 PM ET.

AG Races

Curtis Hill (R) has won the Indiana AG race over Lorenzo Arredondo (D) by a margin of 62.3% to 37.7% with 99% precincts reporting.

Josh Hawley (R) has won the Missouri AG race over Teresa Hensley (D) by a margin of 58.7% to 41.3% with 99% precincts reporting.

Incumbent Tim Fox (R) has won the Montana AG race over Larry Jent (D) by a margin of 67.6% to 32.4% with 100% precincts reporting.

Josh Stein (D) has won the North Carolina AG race over Buck Newton (R) by a margin of 50.2% to 49.8% (approximately 20,500 votes) with 100% precincts reporting.

Incumbent Ellen Rosenblum (D) has won the Oregon AG race over Daniel Zene Crowe (R) by a margin of 54.9% to 42.0% with 98% precincts reporting.

Josh Shapiro (D) has won the Pennsylvania AG race over John Rafferty (R) by a margin of 51.3% to 48.7% with 99% precincts reporting.

Incumbent Sean Reyes (R) has won the Utah AG race over Jon Harper (D) by a margin of 65.5% to 25.5% with 78% precincts reporting. It should be noted that Harper withdrew from the race on Sept. 21 although his name still appeared on the ballot.

T.J. Donovan (D) has won the Vermont AG race over Deborah Bucknam (R) by a margin of 66.6% to 29.5% with 100% precincts reporting.

Incumbent Bob Ferguson (D) has won the Washington AG race over Joshua Trumbull (L) by a margin of 68.7% to 31.3% with 67% precincts reporting. There was no Republican in the race.

Incumbent Patrick Morrisey (R) has won the West Virginia AG race over Doug Reynolds (D) by a margin of 51.7% to 41.9% with 100% precincts reporting.

Other Races

In California, AG Kamala Harris (D) won the U.S. Senate race. Governor Jerry Brown (D) will appoint the next AG.

In Maine, where the legislature elects the AG every two years by secret ballot, the legislature remains split.

In Missouri, AG Chris Koster (D) lost the race for Governor.

Governor and former AG Steve Bullock (D) has won the Montana Governor’s race over Greg Gianforte (R) by a margin of 50.2% to 46.4% (approximately 18,750 votes) with 100% precincts reporting.

In Nevada, former AG Catherine Cortez Masto (D) won the U.S. Senate race.

In New Hampshire, where the Governor appoints the AG to a 4-year term, the election of Chris Sununu (R) assumes the AG office will switch to Republican. Governor Maggie Hassan (D) has won the U.S. Senate race over U.S. Senator and former AG Kelly Ayotte (R) by a margin of 48% to 47.9% (approximately 700 votes) with 100% precincts reporting.

AG Roy Cooper (D) has won the North Carolina Governor’s race over Governor Pat McCrory (R) by a margin of 49% to 48.9% (approximately 4,800 votes) with 100% precincts reporting. A recount is possible if the percentage difference in the vote is fewer than .5% of the total votes cast or fewer than 10,000 votes, whichever is less.