South Dakota AG Ravnsborg Convicted, Impeached Following Crash

  • Following a trial in the state Senate, South Dakota AG Jason Ravnsborg has been convicted on two impeachment charges by vote of greater than 2/3 of the senators and will be automatically removed from office.
  • The state’s Republican-controlled Senate convicted Ravnsborg, also a Republican, on charges of committing crimes leading to someone’s death and malfeasance for misleading law enforcement and abusing the powers of his office.
  • Ravnsborg, who was in his first term in office, struck and killed a pedestrian while driving home following a political fundraiser on the evening of September 12, 2020. His impeachment is the first in the state’s history. His replacement will be named by Governor Kristi Noem. Ravnsborg has maintained that he was unaware he had struck a human being until the morning after the crash, believing instead he had collided with a deer or other large animal, which he also told a 911 dispatcher the night of the crash. A vote on whether he should be permanently barred from elected office is still pending.