South Dakota AG Impeached

  • South Dakota AG Jason Ravnsborg was impeached by the South Dakota House of Representatives on April 12, by a 36-31 vote. Tuesday’s bipartisan vote included eight Democrats and 28 Republicans. This is reportedly the first impeachment of an official in South Dakota history.
  • Ravnsborg’s impeachment, which stems from a fatal accident in September 2020 in which he struck and killed a pedestrian with his vehicle, is a rejection of the previously reported recommendation against impeachment by a special House investigative committee. Prior to the House vote, Ravnsborg submitted two lengthy letters to the House defending his conduct and arguing against impeachment.
  • Ravnsborg will be temporarily removed from office pending an impeachment trial in the South Dakota Senate, which has yet to be scheduled. At least two-thirds of the Senate must concur in order to convict.