South Dakota House Select Committee Votes Against AG Impeachment

  • In a 22-page report released March 28, a South Dakota House Select Committee recommended that AG Jason Ravnsborg face no impeachment charges stemming from a 2020 car crash. In that accident, AG Ravnsborg, who was driving home alone at night following attendance at a political event, struck and killed pedestrian Joseph Boever after AG Ravnsborg’s vehicle left the roadway.
  • According to the report, AG Ravnsborg’s conduct did not merit impeachment under South Dakota’s Constitution, which only permits impeachment in the case of “drunkenness, crimes, [or] corrupt conduct or malfeasance in office.” The report noted that AG Ravnsborg did not consume alcohol that day, and did not otherwise commit a crime constituting an impeachable offense.
  • The full House of Representatives will convene on April 12 and vote on AG Ravnsborg’s impeachment, which requires a simple majority in the House, followed by a trial in the South Dakota Senate where a conviction would require the agreement 2/3 of the members.