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New Attorney General for Oklahoma

Governor Kevin Stitt appointed John O’Connor, an attorney in private practice, as Oklahoma AG to serve out the current term, which ends on January 9, 2023. As previously reported, former Oklahoma AG Mike Hunter resigned, stating that certain personal matters threatened to overshadow the work of the AG’s office.

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Republican Candidate To Try Again for Oklahoma AG’s Office

Gentner Drummond, an Oklahoma attorney in private practice and former AG candidate, announced his candidacy for the 2022 Republican nomination for the Oklahoma AG’s office. As previously reported, Oklahoma AG Mike Hunter, who defeated Drummond in the 2018 Republican primary, resigned from office citing personal matters. To “meet” the state AGs across the nation and…

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Oklahoma Attorney General Resigns

Oklahoma AG Mike Hunter announced his resignation, issuing a statement praising the employees of the AG’s office and stating that he is resigning because certain personal matters threaten to overshadow the vital work of the AG’s office. Hunter was appointed to the AG’s office in 2017 by former Governor Mary Fallin to fill the unexpired…

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