AG Coalition Supports Heightened Review for Climate Impacts of Proposed Federal Projects

  • A group of 17 Democratic AGs submitted a comment letter to the Director for the National Environmental Policy (NEPA) at the Council on Environmental Quality. The letter provided suggestions concerning the Council’s interim guidance for federal agencies, which analyzes proposed federal actions and their impact on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.
  • In the letter, the AGs highlight the states’ strong interest in ensuring that federal agencies adhere to NEPA’s requirement of making informed decisions through a comprehensive review of environmental impacts. They commend the Biden administration for recommending that developers of federal projects requiring approval undertake a more rigorous analysis of greenhouse gas emissions and climate impacts.
  • The AGs urge the Council to strengthen the guidance for federal agencies, in part by adding provisions that encourage consideration of state regulations when analyzing a project’s impact, facilitate the efficient approval of green energy projects and other projects with low or negative emissions, and increase engagement with affected communities.