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Nebraska AG Takes Blunt Approach to Nipping Deceptive THC Marketing in the Bud

Nebraska AG Mike Hilgers filed a series of coordinated lawsuits against a number of retailers selling edible THC-containing products in the state alleging that the retailers have violated Nebraska’s consumer protection statutes by deceptively mislabeling dangerous products that pose a threat to children. In the lawsuits, AG Hilgers alleges that the retailers deceptively mislabeled THC-containing…

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Quick Guide: Nebraska: Listening and Learning

Episode 5 of Season 2 of our podcast series, State AG Pulse, is an honest and forthright conversation between Lori Kalani, Meghan Stoppel and new Nebraska AG Mike Hilgers. General Hilgers outlines the much thought-through philosophy that underpins his personal and professional life.

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AG Election Roundup

In the Nebraska Republican AG primary, Mike Hilgers outpolled Jennifer Hicks 67.1% to 32.9%. As the state has no Democrat AG candidates, Hilgers is the presumptive next AG of the state. Hilgers is an attorney with a private practice in Lincoln, has served in Nebraska’s unicameral Legislature for the past six years, and is now Speaker.

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Two New Candidates Enter Attorneys General Races

Mike Hilgers, Nebraska State Senator and Speaker of the Legislature, declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination in the open-seat 2022 race for Nebraska AG. As previously reported, Incumbent Nebraska AG Doug Peterson will not seek reelection in 2022 and anticipates returning to private practice. Ohio State Representative Jeff Crossman announced his run for the…

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