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Quick Guide: AGs to Forever Chemicals Cos: We Want More Money and We Want It Now

Launching off season 3 of State AG Pulse, Stephen Cobb and Emily Yu go behind the headlines on a multi-district litigation related to PFAS or “forever chemicals” playing out in district court. Despite a proposed settlement in the range of $10 – $12 billion, AGs are concerned about whether the amount will be sufficient to…

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Virginia AG: Monsanto to Pay $80 Million to Remediate PCB Contamination

Virginia AG Jason Miyares reached an $80 million settlement with Monsanto Co. to resolve allegations that the company’s distribution of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) caused environmental contamination in the state. PCBs are carcinogenic chemical compounds formerly used in industrial and consumer products, which accumulate in natural resources and do not dissolve. Monsanto produced almost all of…

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CFPB, 42 AGs Slow Down Consumer Leasing Company Tempoe

The CFPB issued a consent order against Tempoe, LLC for allegedly deceiving consumers into expensive leasing agreements for purchases from large retailers in violation of the Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010. Forty-two state AGs also entered into a parallel settlement with Tempoe over the same allegations, which the AGs assert violated their respective state…

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16 AGs Caution SEC Over SHEIN's Potential IPO and Alleged Business Practices

Montana AG Austin Knudsen, joined by AGs from 15 other states, sent a letter to the SEC voicing concern regarding the possible Initial Public Offering of SHEIN, a fast-fashion retail giant affiliated with China. The AGs mention how several governmental, watchdog, and media sources have suggested SHEIN’s involvement in forced labor, human rights transgressions, intellectual…

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