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Security Companies Ordered by FTC to Drop Non-Compete Agreements for Low-Wage Workers

The FTC issued finalized consent orders to settle allegations that Prudential Security, Inc. and Prudential Command Inc. and their owners (collectively, “Prudential Security”) violated the FTC Act through the unfair use of post-employment covenants not to compete, commonly referred to as “non-compete agreements.”

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Magellan Terminals Holdings to Pay $600,000 in Settlement over Texas Clean Air Act Allegations

Texas AG Ken Paxton settled with Magellan Terminals Holdings, L.P. over allegations that the company violated the Texas Clean Air Act through conduct that resulted in a large fire at its bulk petroleum terminal in Corpus Christi, Texas. According to the AG’s office, the fire occurred in 2020 when a Magellan contractor was cleaning out…

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Iowa AG Seeks Injunctions to Limit Environmental Damage following Explosion at Shingle Processing Facility

Iowa AG Brenna Bird filed a lawsuit against C6-Zero LLC and a related individual and entity (collectively, “C6-Zero”) seeking compliance with a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) order and state environmental laws following an explosion and fire at the company’s facility. According to the AG’s petition, testing in the wake of a December 2022 explosion…

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AG Coalition Targets Gun Industry with Second Circuit Briefing in Support of New York Statute

A coalition of 18 AGs filed an amicus brief in National Shooting Sports Foundation v. James, a case before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in which a group of gun manufacturers and distributors are challenging a New York firearms liability statute. The AGs’ brief was filed in support of the statute,…

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FTC and Bipartisan AG Coalition Bring Antitrust Case Against Pesticide Manufacturers for Allegedly Inflating Prices

The FTC and a group of 12 AGs filed a lawsuit in the Middle District of North Carolina against pesticide manufacturers Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC, Syngenta’s related entities, and Corteva, Inc., alleging that they violated the FTC Act, the Clayton Act, the Sherman Act, and state competition and consumer protection laws by utilizing “loyalty programs”…

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