Bipartisan Group of Attorneys General Urges FDA to Regulate E-Cigarettes and Oral Nicotine Products

  • A bipartisan group of 31 AGs, led by the AGs of Idaho, Illinois, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, and Tennessee, sent a letter to the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) urging it to exercise its regulatory power to curb the availability of nicotine products that appeal to youth.
  • The letter cites statistics showing a dramatic increase in the use of e-cigarettes and oral nicotine products, such as pouches, by youths and young adults, and argues that many of the nicotine products attractive to youths should not be on the market because they did not receive marketing authorization from the FDA.
  • The AGs call on the FDA to combat this trend by banning youth-appealing flavors in e-cigarettes and oral nicotine products, limiting their nicotine levels, restricting the marketing of such products, and to deny approval of Premarket Tobacco Product Applications for products that are likely to appeal to youths and to increase nicotine use in that age group.