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New York Attorney General Warns Businesses About Credential Stuffing Attacks

New York AG Letitia James warned that more than 1.1 million online accounts were compromised in cyberattacks known as “credential stuffing attacks” at 17 well-known companies and released a guide with recommendations for how businesses can safeguard consumer accounts from such attacks.

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Lead Generation Company Settles Allegations It Misled Millions of Consumers to Collect Sensitive Financial Information

The FTC reached a settlement with lead generation company ITMedia Solutions LLC and a number of related entities and individuals (collectively “ITMedia”) to resolve allegations that ITMedia used misleading marketing tactics to collect sensitive financial information from millions of consumers in violation of the FTC Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The complaint, filed…

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CFPB Releases Annual Report of Credit and Consumer Reporting Complaints

The CFPB released its annual report of credit and consumer reporting complaints, focusing on how national consumer credit reporting bureaus respond to consumer complaints submitted through the CFPB about incomplete or inaccurate credit information.

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$21 Million Settlement for Consumers Duped into Buying Subscriptions from Online Consumer Background Report Provider

The FTC and the U.S. DOJ reached a settlement with online consumer background report provider Inc. and its founder and CEO, Jeffrey Tinsley, to resolve allegations that MyLife used misleading tactics to sell difficult-to-cancel subscriptions to consumers in violation of the FTC Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act, and the Telemarketing Sales Rule.

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