Democratic AGs Want EPA to Keep On Truckin’ the Emissions Standards

  • A group of 18 Democratic AGs sent a comment letter in support of the EPA’s proposed Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards for Heavy-Duty Vehicles, commending the EPA for strengthening greenhouse gas emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles to combat both the impacts of climate change and poor air quality, while at the same time urging the agency to strengthen the standards before finalizing them.
  • While the EPA’s proposal would set progressively more stringent greenhouse gas emissions standards for model years 2027 through 2032 heavy-duty vehicles and tractors, the AGs’ letter asserts that the technologies necessary to meet the upper level of standards already exist and have reasonable costs. As such, the AGs ask the EPA to increase the stringency of its final standards.
  • The AGs argue that EPA standards should be equivalent to California’s Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) Rule, which requires zero-emission vehicles to comprise increasing percentages of the heavy-duty vehicles sold in California. As we previously reported, the ACT Rule was recently the subject of a petition for review filed by a coalition of Republican AGs.