Hawaii Sues 25 “Forever Chemical” Manufacturers

  • Hawaii AG Anne E. Lopez filed a lawsuit against 25 manufacturers of aqueous firefighting foam (AFFF) products containing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), alleging that for decades the companies violated state consumer protection and tort laws by concealing the risks of PFAS products to the environment and human health while continuing to sell products.
  • The complaint alleges the companies were aware of the dangers PFAS could cause to human health and the environment, but chose not to mitigate those risks, continuing to sell their PFAS-containing AFFF for substantial profits.
  • The AG’s office seeks a ruling finding the defendants liable for all PFAS-related costs to address the threat of contamination to the state, including testing, treatment, and monitoring of the state’s natural resources. In addition, she seeks damages to compensate residents for the lost use and value of natural resources, costs related to the disposal of defendants’ PFAS-containing products, civil penalties, restitution, disgorgement, and punitive damages, among other things.