Pennsylvania Attorney General Charges Fracking Companies with Environmental Crimes

  • Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro announced that fracking company Range Resources Corporation (“Range Resources”) pleaded no contest to charges of negligent oversight of well sites as part of a two-year grand jury investigation into alleged environmental crimes by fracking companies.
  • According to the AG’s office, the grand jury’s investigation found that Range Resources knowingly covered up wastewater storage and disposal problems in violation of the Solid Waste Management Act and the Prohibition Against Discharge of Industrial Wastes.
  • As part of its plea deal, Range Resources agreed to pay a $47,000 fine to the Solid Waste Abatement Fund, $3,000 to the Clean Water Fund, and a $102,000 charitable contribution to the Washington County Watershed Alliance.
  • AG Shapiro also announced that, as a result of the same grand jury investigation, his office formally charged fracking company Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation (“Cabot”) with seven counts of Prohibition Against Discharge of Industrial Wastes, seven counts of Prohibition Against Other Pollutions, and one count of Unlawful Conduct under the Clean Streams Law relating to Cabot’s alleged contamination of well water and local water supply with methane.