AGs Settle Opioid Epidemic-Related Claims Against Amneal Pharmaceuticals for $272.5M

  • A coalition of AGs reached a settlement in principle with Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc., to resolve allegations that it contributed to the opioid epidemic in its role as a drug manufacturer.
  • According to the coalition, Amneal allegedly knowingly failed to monitor and report suspicious orders placed by its customers, as required by federal law.
  • Under the terms of the settlement in principle, the company must pay up to $92.5 million, and provide up to $180 million worth of naloxone nasal spray—an opioid antagonist that rapidly reverses the effects of an overdose—to participating states and local governments, with states that do not accept the medication receiving cash instead.
  • We have covered other AG actions related to the opioid epidemic, including Kentucky AG Russell Coleman’s lawsuit against Kroger Company and affiliated entities, Alaska AG Treg Taylor’s settlement with CVS, and two multistate AG settlements totaling $500 million with Publicis Health, LLC and Hikma Pharmaceuticals.