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Utah AG Brings Consumer Protection Suit Against TikTok

Utah AG Sean D. Reyes filed a lawsuit against TikTok Inc. alleging violations of the Utah Consumer Sales Practices Act and seeking civil penalties, restitution, damages, and a permanent injunction barring TikTok from future UCSPA violations. In the complaint, AG Reyes alleges the social media company committed deceptive conduct in violation of the UCSPA in…

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AGs Question FDA Plan for Mail-Back Opioid Program

13 Republican AGs wrote a letter to the FDA in response to its Request for Information regarding “In-Home Disposal Systems for Opioid Analgesics,” a proposed mail-back program for leftover opioid products. In the letter, the AGs voiced their concerns that a mail-back program for unused opioids would provide opportunities for drug misuse and diversion, increase…

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