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Utah AG Alleges TikTok LIVE Facilitates Payments for Illegal Activity with Virtual Currency

Utah AG Sean Reyes has filed a lawsuit against TikTok Inc. alleging that it violated state consumer protection laws by designing its livestream feature—TikTok LIVE—in a manner that facilitates the use of virtual currency for illegal activities, including the sexual exploitation of children, human trafficking, drug sales, and money laundering. The complaint alleges that TikTok LIVE, which…

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AGs Settle Opioid Epidemic-Related Claims Against Amneal Pharmaceuticals for $272.5M

A coalition of AGs reached a settlement in principle with Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc., to resolve allegations that it contributed to the opioid epidemic in its role as a drug manufacturer. According to the coalition, Amneal allegedly knowingly failed to monitor and report suspicious orders placed by its customers, as required by federal law. Under the…

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Utah AG Brings Consumer Protection Suit Against TikTok

Utah AG Sean D. Reyes filed a lawsuit against TikTok Inc. alleging violations of the Utah Consumer Sales Practices Act and seeking civil penalties, restitution, damages, and a permanent injunction barring TikTok from future UCSPA violations. In the complaint, AG Reyes alleges the social media company committed deceptive conduct in violation of the UCSPA in…

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