FDA Draft Guidance on Lead in Baby Food Earns AG Support

  • A group of 21 Democratic AGs wrote a comment letter to the FDA in connection with the agency’s Draft Guidance to Industry on Action Levels for Lead in Food Intended for Babies and Young Children (“Lead Guidance”). The letter is supportive of FDA action on the protection of children from the health risks of lead exposure, but it urges the agency to expand and strengthen the guidance.
  • The letter emphasizes that lead exposure is particularly dangerous for children because their developing brains and organ systems are more sensitive to the damaging effects of heavy metals. As the draft Lead Guidance notes, lead exposures may be associated with neurological, immunological, cardiovascular, renal, reproductive, and developmental effects.
  • The AGs request the FDA make revisions to strengthen the Lead Guidance, including expanding coverage to foods intended for children 36 months old and younger, rather than 24 months old and younger, extending the guidance to cover grain-based snacks, and requiring manufacturers to test finished products for lead before they are sold.