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Pennsylvania AG Settles for $11.4 Million over Allegedly Predatory Lending Scheme Targeting Low-Income Retail Purchasers

Pennsylvania AG Michelle Henry settled with Snap Finance LLC and its subsidiaries to resolve allegations the lending company violated various state consumer protection laws by providing predatory, deceptive loans to low-income individuals financing large retail purchases.

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Republican AGs Warn Financial Institutions Against Inconsistent ESG Voting

A coalition of 23 Republican AGs sent a letter to the chief executives of several financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs, urging them to ensure that their votes on ESG issues as asset managers for other companies were not inconsistent with their own boards’ reasoning in recent votes to reject the implementation of ESG proposals. In…

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Coin Cafe Settles with New York AG for $4.3 Million to Resolve Allegations of Exorbitant and Deceptive Crypto Storage Fees

New York AG Letitia James settled with cryptocurrency trading platform Coin Cafe, Inc. to resolve allegations that the company violated the Martin Act and New York Executive Law by misleading investors about the excessive storage fees it charged to use its wallet storage services.

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