Iowa AG Seeks Injunctions to Limit Environmental Damage following Explosion at Shingle Processing Facility

  • Iowa AG Brenna Bird filed a lawsuit against C6-Zero LLC and a related individual and entity (collectively, “C6-Zero”) seeking compliance with a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) order and state environmental laws following an explosion and fire at the company’s facility.
  • According to the AG’s petition, testing in the wake of a December 2022 explosion and subsequent fire at a C6-Zero facility confirmed that the damaged facility was discharging hazardous substances into the surrounding environment. The DNR issued an emergency order compelling C6-Zero to secure the property and prevent the release of hazardous substances, and to undertake testing to determine if any products at the facility may have released asbestos. The AG alleges that C6-Zero has not complied with the DNR order in a timely manner and has failed to analyze the waste or to undertake cleanup efforts at the facility.
  • The AG requests temporary and permanent injunctions requiring C6-Zero to comply with the DNR’s Emergency Order; stop any further violations of Iowa air quality, solid waste, or water quality laws; provide the DNR a list of any chemical substances or mixtures at the facility at the time of the explosion and fire; and allow the DNR access to the property to analyze and abate the hazardous conditions.