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Education Dept Discharges Student Loans for Victims of Alleged Art Institutes Deceit

Massachusetts AG Andrew Joy Campbell, Pennsylvania AG Michelle Henry, Iowa AG Brenna Bird, and the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) announced that DOE approved $6.1 billion in automatic student loan relief for nearly 317,000 students of for-profit Art Institutes schools, which allegedly made substantial misrepresentations to students. DOE’s approval was based on a review of…

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Republican AGs Seek to Unplug the DOE’s Fuel-Economy Rule for Electric Vehicles

A group of 13 Republican AGs and the American Free Enterprise Chamber of Commerce filed a petition for review of the DOE’s Petroleum-Equivalent Fuel Economy Calculation final rule—which provides the procedures for calculating values for the fuel economy of electric vehicles. According to the petition for review, the DOE allegedly lacked authority to impose a…

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Republican AGs Challenge SEC’s Climate Disclosure Rule

A coalition of nine Republican AGs, led by Iowa AG Brenna Bird, has filed a petition for judicial review of the SEC’s climate related disclosure rule, which would require companies to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions. In the press release, the AGs assert that the new rule imposes unnecessary red tape and demands that business…

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TikTok’s Suitability for Children Questioned in New Lawsuit by Iowa AG

Iowa AG Brenna Bird filed a lawsuit against TikTok Inc. and affiliated entities alleging that the social media company violated state consumer protection laws by making deceptive representations to parents regarding the appropriateness of the TikTok app for children. The complaint alleges that TikTok falsely claims a “12+” age-range app rating—representing that the app contains…

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Bipartisan AG Group Asks Supreme Court to Affirm States’ Right to Enforce Banking Laws

A bipartisan coalition of 34 AGs wrote an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court advocating for states’ right to enforce their consumer financial protection laws against state and national banks alike. The amicus brief, submitted in Cantero v. Bank of America, N.A., asks the Court to overturn a Second Circuit decision holding that the…

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