Return to Sender: Washington AG Ferguson Goes After Fake Government Mailings

  • Washington AG Bob Ferguson has filed lawsuits against two connected companies, Labor Poster Compliance, LLC, CA Certificate Service, LLC., and their individual owners (collectively, “Defendants”), alleging they posed as a government agency and engaged in deceptive high-volume mail solicitations that were sent to more than 210,000 Washington state small business owners, and charged hefty fees for workplace posters and certificates that are already free of charge (or a fraction of the money demand), in violation of Washington’s Consumer Protection Act.
  • Both complaints describe similar behavior in which Defendants generated millions of dollars in revenue by using computer software to pull business owner information from the Washington Secretary of State’s website and then sending the businesses mailings designed to appear to be bills from a legitimate government agency, along with an aggressive solicitation to purchase either a “Certificate of Status” from CA Certificate Service or a workplace labor law poster from Labor Poster Compliance.
  • The complaints seek an immediate preliminary injunction halting Defendants’ activities, disgorgement of gains, monetary penalties, and a permanent injunction.