Taking Care of the Caretakers: New York AG Recovers Millions in Wages for Home Care Aides

  • New York AG Letitia James reached a settlement with home care health agencies Intergen Health, LLC and Amazing Home Care Services, LLC (collectively “Agencies”) to resolve allegations that they failed to pay appropriate wages for years in violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act as well as New York Labor Laws and the New York City Paid Safe and Sick Leave Law.
  • According to the assurance of discontinuance, the AG’s office’s investigation found that approximately 12,000 employees were impacted by the Agencies’ failures to pay correct overtime wages and additional compensation for shifts longer than ten-hours, pay for unscheduled short shifts, pay for employees’ travel time between assignments, pay “joint employer” overtime to workers who worked for both Agencies, and pay appropriate compensation for live-in workers.
  • Under the terms of the assurance of discontinuance, the Agencies agreed to compensate affected workers through a total payout of up to $18.8 million, to be distributed in two phases, which consists of restitution, compensation, and attorneys’ fees. In addition, the Agencies agreed to revise their policies and procedures to comply with New York Labor Law and NYC Paid Safe and Sick Leave Law, inform employees of their rights, and report to the AG’s office about any changes to policies and procedures for a period of two years, among other things.