Williams-Sonoma Agrees to Pay $1 Million to Settle Allegations that Its “Made in the USA” Products…Weren’t

  • The FTC finalized a settlement with home products and kitchenware company Williams-Sonoma, Inc. to resolve allegations that it made false and misleading marketing claims about its products’ U.S.-origin in violation of the FTC Act.
  • The complaint alleged that Williams-Sonoma deceived consumers by falsely claiming that certain categories of its products were all or virtually all made in the United States while, in fact, these products were either wholly imported or contained significant imported components and materials.
  • Under the terms of the final order, Williams-Sonoma will pay $1 million to the FTC, will be barred from making U.S.-origin claims for any product unless it can substantiate such claims, and will be required to include clear and conspicuous disclosures about the foreign parts, components, or processing of any product that qualifies as U.S.-made.