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Louisiana AG Plans to Appeal Cost of Carbon Ruling to Supreme Court

Louisiana AG Jeff Landry, leading a 10-state coalition of AGs, stated that he plans to petition the Supreme Court to review a 5th Circuit order reversing a lower court ruling enjoining the use of an increased “social cost of carbon” metric imposed by the Biden administration. The AGs challenged the Biden administration’s Executive Order 13990,…

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28 AGs Call on GoFundMe for Changes in Terms of Service

New Mexico AG Hector Balderas, Mississippi AG Lynn Fitch, and Louisiana AG Jeff Landry led a coalition of 28 AGs that sent a letter calling on the online crowdfunding platform GoFundMe to make improvements in the clarity and disclosure of the site’s Terms of Service for consumers who use the platform. The AGs alleged that…

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President Biden’s Minimum Wage Mandate Attacked by Three States

Texas AG Ken Paxton, Louisiana AG Jeff Landry, and Mississippi AG Lynn Fitch, sued President Biden and the Department of Labor to block the imposition of a $15 minimum wage for federal contractors through an Executive Order that took effect on January 30. The Complaint seeks to enjoin both the minimum wage regulation and a…

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Louisiana AG Leads Coalition Protesting LNG Transportation Regulation

A 25-state coalition of AGs, led by Louisiana AG Jeff Landry, has written a letter to Tristan Brown, Acting Administrator of the U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, voicing opposition to a proposed rule that would suspend authorization for the transportation of liquefied natural gas by rail.

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Republican Attorneys General Sue to Halt Minimum Wage Increase for Federal Contractors

Texas AG Ken Paxton, Louisiana AG Jeff Landry, and Mississippi AG Lynn Fitch sued the Biden administration seeking to strike down an executive order and related Department of Labor final rule (the “Wage Mandate”) raising the minimum wage for all federal contractors to $15 per hour and mandating overtime wages for employees working more than…

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