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AG Rokita Files Petitions to Enforce Civil Investigative Demands Against Robocall Companies

Indiana AG Todd Rokita filed Verified Petitions to Enforce Civil Investigative Demands against voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) providers Michael D. Lansky, LLC—d/b/a Avid Telecom—and One Eye LLC (collectively, “robocall companies”) asserting that the robocall companies allegedly routed millions of illegal robocalls in violation of the Telemarketing Sales Rule, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and state robocall laws.…

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AG Rokita Recovers $2.9 Million for Medicaid Overbilling

Indiana AG Todd Rokita announced a settlement with hospital network Parkview Health System, Inc. to resolve allegations that four hospitals in the network (collectively, “Parkview”) violated Indiana’s Medicaid False Claims Act by overbilling for services. According to the Settlement Agreement, between January 1, 2017 and March 1, 2021, Parkview submitted claims to Indiana Medicaid for…

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Indiana AG Settles With Marketing Email Company Over Allegedly Deceptive Messages

Indiana AG Todd Rokita reached a settlement with Nevada-based PERA, LLC to resolve allegations that PERA violated Indiana’s Deceptive Consumer Sales Act (DCSA) by sending approximately 70,000 deceptive email solicitations to Indiana public employees. According to the Consent Judgment, PERA allegedly sent solicitations offering to provide consultations with financial representatives, and creating the false impression…

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Indiana AG Rokita Sues Black Lives Matter to Enforce Subpoena Relating to Fundraising Irregularities

Indiana AG Todd Rokita filed a lawsuit against the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation seeking compliance with an Civil Investigative Demand, previously served on BLM in February 2022, that requested documents and information as part of an ongoing investigation to determine if the organization’s actions constituted a violation of either the Indiana Deceptive Consumer…

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Nonprofit Landlord Accused of Keeping Rental Properties in Egregious Disrepair

Indiana AG Todd Rokita sued rental property owner Fox Lake AHF, Inc. (“Fox Lake”), a nonprofit, and its rental management company, Aloft Mgt, LLC (“Aloft”), over allegations that they allowed two large apartment complexes with thousands of residents to fall into disrepair in violation of Indiana’s Deceptive Consumer Sales Act and Nonprofit Corporations Act. In addition, by serving as a management company for Fox Lake, Aloft allegedly engaged in the unlicensed practice of real estate in violation of Indiana’s Home Loan Practices Act.

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