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Texas AG Gearing Up for “Aggressive” Enforcement as New Privacy Law Takes Effect July 1

Texas AG Ken Paxton has launched an initiative focused on “aggressive enforcement of Texas privacy laws,” and tasked a large team within the office’s Consumer Protection Division with ramping up enforcement of the state’s Data Privacy and Security Act (DPSA), Identify Theft Enforcement and Protection Act, Data Broker Law, and Biometric Identifier Act, as well…

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New Jersey and Texas Ramp up Regulatory Enforcement Teams

Both the Texas and New Jersey AG offices have made moves to bolster their regulatory enforcement teams. In Texas, recent developments indicate that the AG’s office has increased its recruitment of privacy attorneys for the newly formed Data Privacy and Security Team, tasked with enforcing the Texas Data Privacy and Security Act (TDPSA). Enacted on…

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Bipartisan AGs Tell Health Care Company to Step Up Response to Cyber Attack

A multistate coalition of 17 Democratic and 5 Republican AGs wrote a letter to UnitedHealth Group Inc. urging the company to improve its response following a cyberattack on its subsidiary Change Healthcare, which provides a data clearinghouse used by providers, pharmacies, and insurers. In the letter, the AGs note that in the wake of a…

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Republican AGs Bullish on Protecting Consumer Data from Chinese Communist Party

A group of 14 Republican AGs wrote a letter to the CEO of Webull Financial LLC, inquiring into whether Webull—which is both a U.S. and Chinese company—may have exposed customers’ personal information to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in violation of U.S. data privacy and consumer protection laws. In the letter, the AGs note that…

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CFPB Not Playing Games with Financial and Privacy Risks

The CFPB issued a report regarding the increase in financial transactions taking place online in video games and virtual reality platforms and the alleged concurrent lack of protections against financial scams or theft on such platforms.

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