AG James v. Bond Co.: $811 Million Judgment Obtained Against Company Targeting Immigrants

  • New York AG Letitia James, along with the Massachusetts and Virginia AGs and the CFPB, obtained an $811 million judgment against Libre by Nexus, Inc., its parent company Nexus Services, Inc., and its principals (collectively, “Libre”), over allegations that Libre violated the Consumer Financial Protection Act and state consumer protection and debt collection laws by offering and providing services related to immigration bonds with predatory terms and engaging in unlawful debt collection practices.
  • The complaint, filed in February 2021, alleged that Libre targeted immigrants held in federal detention centers, offering contracts promising to secure their release on bond while their immigration claims were being processed. The contracts demanded large upfront fees and ongoing payments, including fees for GPS-tracking devices that Libre required consumers to wear. The complaint further alleges that Libre engaged in unlawful debt collection practices including threats of legal action, re-detainment, and deportation for non-payment.
  • The judgment orders Libre to cease predatory practices nationwide, pay $231 million into a consumer redress account, and pay a total of $580 million in civil penalties to the CFPB, New York, Virginia, and Massachusetts, bringing the total judgment amount to $811 million.