AG Paxton Launches Opioid Disposal Program for Texas Students

  • Texas AG Ken Paxton has launched a coalition and pilot program to help Texas students dispose of unused opioids safely and conveniently. Called the “Friday Night Lights Against Opioids” program, the coalition will distribute over 3.5 million at-home medication disposal packets to high school athletes, parents, and community leaders at high school football games in the state between October 27 and December 17.
  • In addition to distributing the medication disposal packets, the coalition will also make public service announcements about the program during the football games and send educational materials to over 1 million Texas parents, guardians, and students in collaboration with the Texas High School Coaches information network.
  • According to the AG’s Office, the coalition is comprised of public officials, NFL Hall of Fame players, community leaders, and Texas football legends. The AG’s office is partnering with the Texas High School Coaches Association, DisposeRx, Inc., and the National Child ID Program to implement the program.