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Nessel, Raoul Lead Amicus Coalition Arguing for States’ Rights

On August 18, 2022, a multistate coalition of AGs, led by Illinois AG Kwame Raoul and Michigan AG Dana Nessel, filed an amicus brief in the United States Supreme Court case National Pork Producers Council v. Ross, arguing that the dormant Commerce Clause does not preclude states from regulating conduct within their borders merely because the regulations incidentally…

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Louisiana AG Plans to Appeal Cost of Carbon Ruling to Supreme Court

Louisiana AG Jeff Landry, leading a 10-state coalition of AGs, stated that he plans to petition the Supreme Court to review a 5th Circuit order reversing a lower court ruling enjoining the use of an increased “social cost of carbon” metric imposed by the Biden administration. The AGs challenged the Biden administration’s Executive Order 13990,…

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State AGs Share Breach Notification Tips and Latest Enforcement Concerns

In a recently published Cybersecurity Law Report article, “State AGs Share Breach Notification Tips and Latest Enforcement Concerns”, State AG Group co-chair, Lori Kalani, and members Ann-Marie Luciano and Meghan Stoppel offer best practice advice for companies whose security has been breached and comment on trends in AG enforcement.

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The Post-"AMG Capital" Path to Restitution: What Role for State AGs, Congress, and Alternative FTC Approaches? 

In partnership with the Washington Legal Foundation, members of our State AG Group discussed the Supreme Court’s unanimous AMG Capital Management v. FTC decision that ends the FTC’s frequent use of federal-court actions to pursue restitution and related remedies in consumer-protection and antitrust matters.

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