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AG Healey Leads Coalition Filing Anti-Discrimination Brief

Massachusetts AG Maura Healey, leading a coalition of nineteen states and the District of Columbia, filed an amicus curiae brief defending the constitutionality of New York’s anti-discrimination law in an appeal to the Second Circuit of a case brought by a New York wedding photographer against New York AG Letitia James and others. In the brief, the amici states argue that New York State’s public accommodation law does not violate the photographer’s First Amendment rights and asks the Court to affirm the decision below dismissing the wedding photographer’s complaint.

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Indiana AG Rokita Sues Black Lives Matter to Enforce Subpoena Relating to Fundraising Irregularities

Indiana AG Todd Rokita filed a lawsuit against the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation seeking compliance with an Civil Investigative Demand, previously served on BLM in February 2022, that requested documents and information as part of an ongoing investigation to determine if the organization’s actions constituted a violation of either the Indiana Deceptive Consumer…

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AG Healey Settles With Housing Software Companies over Alleged Discrimination

Massachusetts AG Maura Healey has settled with two software companies, Buildium LLC and Tenant Turner, Inc., to resolve allegations that the two companies sold tenant-screening software for landlords marketed as “fair housing-compliant” when, in fact, the software facilitated discrimination against certain prospective tenants. In the Assurances of Discontinuance, it was alleged that the software companies’…

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AGs Call Foul on NFL Gender Discrimination; Congress Flags Financial Irregularities by Washington Commanders

A coalition of six state AGs, led by New York AG Letitia James, issued a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expressing concern over the gender-based discrimination and hostile work environment allegations recently reported by the New York Times.

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Montana AG Leads Coalition Objecting to Proposed Title IX Rulemaking

Montana AG Austin Knudsen, together with AGs from 14 states, sent a letter to Catherine Lhamon, Assistant Secretary of the Office for Civil Rights of the US Department of Education, urging the Department to halt efforts to propose new regulations implementing Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, to cover discrimination based on gender identity.

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