AG Racine Sues Washington Commanders and NFL for Concealing Toxic Culture

  • District of Columbia AG Karl A. Racine sued Pro-Football Inc. d/b/a Washington Commanders and the team’s owner, Daniel Snyder (collectively, “the Commanders”), as well as the National Football League and its commissioner, Roger Goodell (collectively, “the NFL”), for allegedly violating the District of Columbia Consumer Protection Procedures Act (CPPA) by deceiving D.C. fans of the Commanders about allegations of workplace abuse and sexual assault against the Commanders.
  • According to the complaint, the Commanders and the NFL allegedly deceived District consumers regarding the Commanders’ hostile work environment that included verbal abuse and sexual harassment. The Commanders and the NFL allegedly made a series of statements that they were working to address the issues by fully cooperating with an independent investigation when, in fact, they were privately working to undermine the investigation and hide its findings from the public. The Commanders also allegedly falsely denied any actual knowledge of a toxic team culture.
  • The lawsuit seeks injunctive, equitable, and declaratory relief, disgorgement, restitution, damages, civil penalties, and attorneys’ costs and fees, among other things.