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CFPB Not Playing Games with Financial and Privacy Risks

The CFPB issued a report regarding the increase in financial transactions taking place online in video games and virtual reality platforms and the alleged concurrent lack of protections against financial scams or theft on such platforms.

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AG James Seeks to Cancel Onerous Consumer Cancellation Processes

New York AG Letitia James settled with Cerebral, Inc. to resolve allegations that the online mental health provider required consumers to go through a lengthy, multi-step process to cancel their subscriptions; continued to charge some consumers after they cancelled; and directed employees to submit positive reviews, “downvote” negative reviews, and ask consumers to remove negative…

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AGs Fight for Fair Play in College Sports

A bipartisan group of seven AGs filed a lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) alleging that the organization’s Transfer Eligibility Rule violates federal antitrust law by unjustifiably restraining the ability of Division I college athletes to engage in the market for their labor.

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Casino Settles over Allegations It Stacked the Deck Against Its Employees

Massachusetts AG Andrea Campbell settled with MGM Springfield for $6.8 million to resolve allegations the casino violated various state wage and hour laws. AG Campbell alleges that MGM Springfield committed various violations of the law, including failing to make timely payment of wages, failing to pay overtime wages, failing to pay minimum wage, and failing…

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