AG Tong Takes a Hit at Unlawful and Unlicensed Cannabis Sales

  • Connecticut AG William Tong filed enforcement actions against three cannabis wholesalers and four cannabis retailers operating in the state, alleging that they are unlawfully selling potent, high-THC cannabis products, in some cases without the required license, in violation of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act (CUTPA) and other state laws.
  • AG Tong alleges that the four retailers – Greenleaf Farms, Smoker’s Corner, Anesthesia Convenience & Smoke, and Planet Zaza – all operated without a license, and sold high-THC products lacking the required warning statement and labels, and in one instance misrepresented products as medical-use cannabis. The three wholesalers – Star Enterprise 74, LLC, RZ Smoke, Inc., and Shark Wholesale Corp. – allegedly sold products above the maximum allowed THC levels, at times in packaging that appeals to youth by mimicking the brand names and packaging of non-cannabis snacks.
  • Separately, AG Tong issued a cease and desist letter to the organizers of a recurring, unlicensed cannabis market that holds events in Connecticut under the name HighBazaar, warning that the events violate several state laws regarding the sale of cannabis, including the CUTPA. The letter requests that the organizers stop holding HighBazaar events immediately.