Bipartisan AG Coalition Supports Enhanced Robocall Regulations

  • A bipartisan coalition of 51 AGs, including Florida AG Ashley Moody, submitted comments in response to the FCC’s request for comments on proposals to expand anti-robocall rules currently focused on gateway providers to prevent illegal and fraudulent robocalls from reaching Americans.
  • In the letter, the AGs note the fraud perpetrated over the phone from illegal calls and support the proposed expanded rules. In particular, they support requiring all domestic intermediate providers, not just so-called “gateway” providers who enable foreign actors to have access to the U.S. phone network, to adhere to the STIR/SHAKEN program’s requirement for authentication of Caller ID information and implementation of additional robocall mitigation practices.
  • The AGs proposed additional robocall mitigation measures include a requirement to respond to law enforcement traceback requests within 24 hours; mandatory blocking of all illegal call traffic when notified by the FCC; preparation of a robocall mitigation plan including specific steps to ensure immediate upstream providers are not using their network to transmit illegal calls; and short compliance deadlines.
  • The AGs’ comments to the FCC follow previous efforts to curb robocalling, including a letter from NAAG on behalf of all 51 AGs calling for the expansion of anti-robocall rules against foreign-based illegal robocalls targeting American consumers as reported here, and a comment letter, also from NAAG, urging the FCC to implement stronger barriers to reduce illegal robocallers’ access to legitimate phone numbers, as reported here.