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What Companies Should Consider Amid Multistate AG Actions

In this Law360 article Chris Allen, Siran Faulders and Hannah Land discuss multistate efforts and what businesses should understand about these collective actions.

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FTC and FCC Sign MOU on Continued Cooperation Following Restoration of Net Neutrality

The FTC and FCC have signed the Safeguarding and Securing the Open Internet FCC-FTC Memorandum of Understanding, reiterating the agencies’ ongoing cooperation on consumer protection matters following the FCC’s decision last week to restore net neutrality by reclassifying broadband service as a Title II telecommunications service.

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Malware Alert: FTC Sweeps $26 Million Settlement in Alleged Popup Scam

The FTC has reached a $26 million proposed settlement with tech support firms Restoro Cyprus Limited and Reimage Cyprus Limited (collectively, “RCL”) for allegedly marketing their computer repair services using deceptive pop-ups, internet ads, and telemarketing in violation of the FTC Act and Telemarketing Sales Rule. According to the FTC’s complaint, RCL used deceptive tactics…

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The FTC Enhances Telemarketing Sales Rule

The FTC has announced two significant developments relating to the Telemarketing Sales Rule (“TSR”). First, the FTC has introduced a final rule that extends the TSR’s coverage to include business-to-business telemarketing calls, previously exempted under the TSR’s original framework. The final rule also introduces a definition for “previous donor” to clarify that charity robocalls are…

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10 AGs, FTC Claim Women’s Cancer Fund Misappropriated Donor Funds

A bipartisan coalition of 10 AGs has joined the FTC in filing a lawsuit against Cancer Recovery Foundation International, Inc., doing business as the Women’s Cancer Fund, and its operator (collectively, the “Women’s Cancer Fund”) alleging that the charity and its operator misappropriated donor funds for personal and for-profit use, in violation of the FTC…

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