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Student Loan Scams May Increase in Wake of Biden v. Nebraska

South Carolina AG Alan Wilson and the FCC’s Robocall Response Team are warning consumers about a potential rise in student loan debt scam robocalls and robotexts following the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Biden v. Nebraska, which struck down the Biden administration’s student debt forgiveness plan. AG Wilson and the FCC warn that scammers often…

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Minnesota AG To Google Chief: “911 Emergency!”

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison wrote a letter to Alphabet, Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai urging him to address a software update to Google’s Android mobile operating system that has resulted in a surge of unintentional 911 calls within the state. (Alphabet is Google LLC’s parent company.) According to the letter, Google recently updated Android’s “Emergency SOS”…

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“Lead Generation Loophole” Should be Targeted in Fight Against Illegal Robotexts, Say AGs

A bipartisan group of 28 AGs wrote a letter to the FCC in support of the Commission’s proposed efforts to combat illegal robotexts and robocalls. The letter supports the FCC’s proposal to extend Do-Not-Call Registry protections to robotexts, as well as its proposal to require wireless telecommunications companies to investigate and block the texts of…

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AG Coalition Sues Telecom Provider for Facilitating Illegal Robocalls

A group of 49 AGs filed a lawsuit against Michael D. Lansky, L.L.C., dba Avid Telecom, and two affiliated individuals, for allegedly violating the Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act, the Telemarketing Sales Rule, and state consumer protection laws by initiating and facilitating 7.5 billion illegal robocalls to individuals on the Do Not…

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