Florida AG Settles with HVAC Installer Over Alleged Deceptive Sales

  • Florida AG Ashley Moody reached a settlement with HVAC company Bruno, LLC and its owner Louis Bruno (collectively, “Bruno”) to resolve allegations that Bruno engaged in deceptive sales practices in violation of Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.
  • According to the Complaint, Bruno allegedly used aggressive and deceptive tactics to sell air conditioning systems to consumers—many of whom were senior citizens on fixed incomes—including misrepresenting the cost of HVAC systems and the consumer’s need for a replacement, and failing to disclose contractual terms or honor Florida’s statutory three-day cancellation period. Further, Bruno allegedly misled consumers regarding the amount financed, interest rate, or terms and conditions of financing agreements; obtained financing without the consumers knowledge or consent; and filed liens or initiated foreclosure proceedings against a consumer’s property when the consumer objected.
  • Under the terms of the Consent Final Judgment, Bruno will pay $100,000 to eligible consumers; waive over $1.3 million in alleged outstanding payments from consumers; release at least $100,000 in liens; pay $50,000 in refunds to consumers; pay $25,000 in attorney’s fees; and pay $500,000 in suspended penalties. Bruno is also permanently banned from conducting HVAC business in Florida, among other things.