FTC Orders ZyCal to Cease Unsubstantiated Claims Regarding Bone and Joint Health Products

  • The FTC issued an order resolving allegations that ZyCal Bioceuticals Healthcare Company, Inc. and the company’s president (together, “ZyCal”) engaged in deceptive acts or practices that violated the FTC Act in the marketing and selling of products containing the ingredient Cyplexinol.
  • According to the proposed order, ZyCal allegedly made unsubtantiated statements regarding the benefits of Cyplexinol, including claims that products containing the ingredient could grow bone and cartilage and relieve joint pain, and that these purported benefits were clinically or scientifically proven.
  • Under the terms of the settlement, ZyCal is prohibited from making health-related claims that require human clinical testing for substantiation; from making other claims regarding the abilities of any food, drug, or dietary supplements that are not supported by reliable scientific evidence; and from making misrepresentations that the Cyplexinol products are clinically or scientifically proven to grow bone or cartilage or relieve joint pain. ZyCal must also notify customers who have purchased Cyplexinol products since January 2018 of the order.