Labor Department Efforts to Expand Overtime Protections Earn Democratic AG Support

  • A coalition of 14 Democratic AGs sent a comment letter to the U.S. Department of Labor in support of a proposed rulemaking that updates rules governing executive, administrative, and professional (EAP) employees as related to overtime pay requirements.
  • The letter expresses support for proposed increases to the salary levels at which EAP employees can be exempt from overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as proposed automatic updates to those salary levels every three years. As noted in the letter, more than 8 million employees previously lost overtime protections in 2019 when EAP exemption salary levels were significantly decreased under the prior administration.
  • The AGs urge the DOL to adopt the proposed regulations, arguing that the proposed changes will restore and expand overtime protections for millions of workers.
  • To hear our deep dive into how this story showcases the power and influence of AGs and how it could reverberate through the debt servicing industry, listen to our podcast here.