PFAS-t and Furious: Five More AGs Sue “Forever Chemical” Manufacturers

  • Arizona AG Kris Mayes, Maryland AG Anthony G. Brown, Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum, Rhode Island AG Peter Neronha, and Washington AG Bob Ferguson filed separate lawsuits against manufacturers of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) for alleged violations of state environmental and consumer protection laws related to PFAS contamination in their respective states’ waterways.
  • The Arizona, Maryland, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington lawsuits each allege that the manufacturers knew, or should have known, of the harm caused by PFAS to the environment and to human health, but took steps to conceal the risks from the public in order to keep selling PFAS-containing products.
  • Each of the lawsuits seeks compensatory damages to cover investigation, monitoring, and remediation related to PFAS contamination, as well as punitive damages and other relief.
  • These lawsuits follow similar actions brought against PFAS manufacturers over the past few years by AGs in at least nine other states.