Troubled Waters for EPA Proposed Rule Impacting Meat and Poultry Industry

  • A group of 27 Republican AGs and a group of six Democratic AGs submitted dueling comment letters regarding the EPA’s proposed Clean Water Act (CWA) Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for the Meat and Poultry Products Point Source Category, which would extend the agency’s authority to regulate meat and poultry facilities’ indirect discharge of wastewater, in addition to regulating direct discharge.
  • The Republican AGs argue in their letter that the proposed rule exceeds the EPA’s authority under the CWA and could have substantial economic impacts on businesses and consumers. The Democratic AGs in their letter argue that the proposed rule does not go nearly far enough to meet the requirements outlined in the CWA.
  • The Republican AGs call upon the EPA to withdraw the proposed rule, while the Democratic AGs support the proposed rule and advocate for even more stringent regulations.