Wisconsin Shows Timeshare Exit Company the Exit

  • Wisconsin AG Josh Kaul secured a judgment against Relief Solutions International, LLC (RSI) and its owners in a lawsuit alleging that the timeshare exit company violated Wisconsin consumer protection laws by misrepresenting key information and omitting required disclosures from promotional materials mailed to Wisconsin consumers.
  • According to the Wisconsin Circuit Court’s final judgment, RSI reportedly sent at least 17,000 illegal mail solicitations designed to attract consumers to sales presentations for their costly “timeshare exit” services, charging significant upfront fees. The judgment claims that RSI’s mailers used fictious business names and did not disclose the principal seller or the nature of the products or services offered. Additionally, these mailings allegedly falsely suggested that the recipients were specially selected for RSI’s services when the company had not actually performed any individual assessments of the recipient consumers’ circumstances.
  • The judgment requires that RSI and its owners pay over $20,000 in refunds to Wisconsin consumers, in addition to approximately $2.5 million in civil forfeitures, mandatory surcharges, and costs and attorneys’ fees. They are also prohibited from marketing or selling timeshare exit services within the state and from engaging in any direct marketing in Wisconsin without prior notification to state regulators.