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AGs Go After Timeshare Exit Companies over Allegedly Fraudulent Marketing

Missouri AG Andrew Bailey filed a lawsuit against RSI, LLC and its owners, alleging that the timeshare-exit company violated the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act by making false promises and misrepresentations in the marketing of its services to consumers.

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Drip Pricing Can Lead to Unexpected Drain on Hotel Guests’ Bank Accounts

Choice Hotels International, Inc. settled with Colorado AG Phil Weiser to resolve allegations that the company violated the Colorado Consumer Protection Act by employing “drip pricing”—omitting mandatory fees from advertised room rates. Under the terms of the settlement, Choice must fully disclose fees in connection with advertised room rates, and enforce third party compliance regarding…

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Don’t Mess with Texas(’s Hotel Room Rates)

The Texas OAG filed a lawsuit against Booking Holdings, Inc., a travel reservation company, for allegedly violating the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act by falsely marketing hotel rooms at prices that were not available to the public as advertised. In the complaint, the OAG alleges that Booking’s websites—which include,, and—engage in “drip…

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Wisconsin AG and FTC Team Up to Bring Suit over Alleged $90 Million Timeshare Exit Scam

Wisconsin AG Josh Kaul and the FTC filed a lawsuit against Consumer Law Protection, LLC and its affiliated entities and owners (collectively, “Consumer Law Protection”) for allegedly violating the state’s consumer protection laws, the FTC Act, and the Cooling-Off Rule by operating a fraudulent timeshare exit scheme that targeted senior citizens. According to the complaint,…

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Multistate Reaches Settlement with Carnival over 2019 Data Breach

AGs from 46 states reached a $1.26 million settlement with Carnival Corporation and three of its subsidiaries (collectively “Carnival”) to resolve allegations that Carnival violated state consumer protection and personal information protection laws when deficiencies in its information security program contributed to a 2019 data breach that compromised the personal information of approximately 180,000 Carnival employees and customers.

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