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DNA Testing Firm Hit with $700K Fine for Alleged Deceptive Ads

California AG Rob Bonta and the FTC settled with CRI Genetics, LLC to resolve allegations that the DNA testing firm violated the FTC Act and California’s Unfair Competition Law and False Advertising Law by making misrepresentations to consumers in order to induce them to buy ancestry reports. The complaint alleges that CRI made false representations…

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FTC Doesn’t Sugarcoat Warning Letters to Social Media Influencers, Trade Associations

The FTC sent warning letters to two trade associations and twelve online health influencers warning them that they may have violated the FTC Act by failing to adequately disclose payments for social media posts promoting the safety of aspartame and the consumption of sugar-containing products.

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NAAG Consumer Protection Conference Explores Dark Patterns, Advertising Law, Fake Reviews & AI

On Tuesday, November 7, the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) held its Fall 2023 Consumer Protection Conference in Washington, D.C., welcoming representatives from 43 state AG offices, the FTC, and an equal number of private sector attendees.

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CFPB Proposes Supervisory Powers over Large Providers of Digital Wallets and Payment Apps

The CFPB proposed a new rule that would give it supervisory powers over larger participants in the market for general-use digital consumer payment apps, such as digital wallets and person-to-person payment apps. The proposed rule would allow the CFPB to ensure that certain non-bank financial companies that provide consumer payment apps comply with the Consumer…

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23andme Is Asked to Confirm if Data Security Is Part of Its DNA

Connecticut AG William Tong sent an inquiry letter to 23andMe, Inc. asking the genetic testing and ancestry company for more information regarding an October 6th press release in which it disclosed that customer profile information had been compiled and released by a threat actor who was able to access accounts in instances where users recycled login credentials.

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