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Democratic AGs Continue Urging FDA to Issue Guidance on Toxic Metals in Baby Food

A group of 20 Democratic AGs wrote a comment letter to the FDA urging it to act on prior AG petitions asking the FDA to issue strong, specific guidance to the baby food industry on testing for lead and other toxic elements. In the letter, the AGs request that the FDA take official notice of the facts…

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Gold-Mining Companies Fail to Persuade Court that Washington Attorney General’s Clean Water Act Jurisdiction Is Limited

Washington AG Bob Ferguson obtained a summary judgment from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Washington against gold-mining companies Crown Resources Corporation and Kinross Gold U.S.A., Inc. (collectively “Mining Companies”) dismissing some of the Mining Companies’ defenses to allegations that they are responsible for years of water pollution from the Buckhorn Mountain gold mine in violation of the Clean Water Act.

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Burning Rubber: Rhode Island Scrap Metal Processor Pays Penalty for Allegedly Spewing Toxic Chemicals into the Air

Rhode Island AG Peter Neronha and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management reached a settlement with scrap metal processor SMM New England Corporation, d/b/a SIMS Metal Management (“SIMS”) to resolve allegations that SIMS engaged in polluting practices in its metal-shredding operations in violation of the Rhode Island Clean Air Act.

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