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Ohio AG Sues to Declare Google a Public Utility

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost filed a lawsuit against Google LLC (“Google”), seeking a legal declaration that the tech giant’s search engine qualifies as a common carrier and/or public utility under Ohio common law, which would subject the company to a heightened duty to provide its competitors equal access to its search engine infrastructure and…

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FTC Sends Strong Signal to VoIP Providers: Facilitating Illegal Telemarketing Calls Can Result in Steep Consequences

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) and Ohio AG Dave Yost reached a settlement with Educare Centre Services, Inc. (“Educare”), voice-over-internet-protocol (“VoIP”) provider Globex Telecom, Inc. (“Globex”) and associated companies and individuals (collectively “Defendants”) to resolve allegations that Globex facilitated calls, including illegal robocalls, that promoted Educare’s alleged credit card interest reduction scam in violation of the FTC Act, the Telemarketing Sales Rule, and Ohio’s Consumer Sales Practices Act and Telephone Solicitation Sales Act.

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Attorneys General Bring Down the Hammer on Alleged Price Gougers

California AG Xavier Becerra sued pharmacist Katrin Golian, d/b/a RxAll Pharmacy, for allegedly selling KN95 masks at a 100% markup in violation of the Governor’s Executive Order on COVID-19 price gouging, which prohibits businesses from selling emergency-related items for more than 50% above the seller’s cost of purchase. A violation of the order is punishable by imprisonment and/or a $1,000 fine.

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Third Party Payment Processor Banned for Allegedly Helping Telemarketing Scammers Reach into Consumers’ Bank Accounts

Ohio AG Dave Yost and the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) reached a settlement with payment processor Madera Merchant Services, LLC, a related entity, and related individuals (collectively “Madera”) to resolve allegations brought by the state of Ohio and the FTC that Madera processed payments for multiple scams in violation of the FTC Act and Telemarketing Sales Rule and Ohio’s Consumer Sales Practices Act.

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