Court Issues Judgment Against Property Manager For Allegedly Hijacking Owners’ Rental Properties

  • Washington AG Bob Ferguson obtained a default judgment for restitution and injunctive relief against Travis Jackson and his two property management companies (collectively “Jackson”) for allegedly engaging in a deceptive and unfair scheme to promote “free” property management services to homeowners in violation of the Washington Consumer Protection Act.
  • The complaint alleged that, among other things, Jackson operated a property management company without a license, pressured rental property owners to sign unconscionable contracts that gave him sole control over the properties, added new walls and rooms to rental properties without the owners’ knowledge or permission, and failed to pay the rent owed to property owners.
  • Under the terms of the order, Jackson must pay more than $256,000 in restitution, $252,300 in civil penalties, and over $76,000 in attorneys’ costs and fees. Jackson is also enjoined from engaging in property management activities without a license and making unauthorized modifications to homes under his care, among other things.