Democratic AGs Rally in Support of EPA's Methane Rule Against GOP Challenge

  • A coalition of 20 Democratic AGs filed a motion to intervene in defense of the EPA’s Oil and Gas Methane Rule in a lawsuit filed by 25 Republican AGs who challenge the rule.
  • In their motion, the Democratic AGs assert that the rule effectively updates and enhances air pollutant restrictions for new and modified sources from the oil and natural gas industry. They highlight that the rule introduces the first nationwide guidelines for states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, specifically methane, from existing sources. According to their motion, the EPA anticipates these changes will reduce around 58 million tons of methane emissions, 16 million tons of smog-contributing volatile organic compounds, and 590,000 tons of hazardous air pollutants between 2024 and 2038.
  • The coalition asserts a compelling interest in defending the Final Rule as a means to further their goal of preventing and mitigating the impacts of climate change within their jurisdictions and to safeguard their citizens and communities from harmful air pollution.